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Engineering Division


BrightLogic's Engineering Division has been in the business for over 30 years.
Take a look at what BrightLogic can offer you for your Software, Hardware and Embedded System needs.


Software Development

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Desktop Apps

We develop custom Windows desktop applications using the .NET framework to give you the ultimate in flexibility and performance. Let us help you provide an elegant, performant, user-friendly solution to your business and technical problems.

Web Apps

Here at BrightLogic we've been actively involved in web development for the past 20 years. We have developed web applications ranging from simple websites for small businesses all the way up to enterprise level web applications.

Mobile Apps

We'll bring your idea to the masses with a custom mobile application. We specialize in iOS and Android development using native frameworks and we have expertise in cross-platform development with Xamarin and Cordova.


Embedded Systems

Custom Video Processing

We encode, decode, convert and stream a variety of video formats. If you're developing a custom embedded video processing system, understanding the video structure at this level is critical to making a successful product.

FPGA Design & Programming

BrightLogic makes extensive use of CPLDs and FPGAs. Both technologies allow us to rapidly design application specific hardware and to accelerate functions that may be impossible or too slow with off-the-shelf processors.


Micro-controllers have grown to include inexpensive and remarkably powerful options. We select micro-controllers that are supported by a complete design eco-system so your hardware can be setup to run faster.

IoT (Internet of Things)

BrightLogic's IoT framework allows you to quickly add connectivity and intelligence to your device or appliance. Our framework can be used right out of the box to enable remote control and monitoring, and can be customized to provide a unique and friendly experience for your users.


Hardware Design



Our record for management of manufacturing electronic equipment has been strong for over 30 years. We have produced more than one million circuit board assemblies. Our arrangements with contract manufacturers bring the maximum value to a client’s design.


Building a prototype is another important aspect of hardware design; it lets us debug and design for a board.  Finding the right components at the right costs drives our mission to build a prototype that delivers its maximum potential.

PCB Layout & Schematics

A backbone aspect of hardware design is creating or restructuring the most streamlined design for a printed circuit board. BrightLogic has skilled engineers that have been doing this successfully and on time for many years.


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