The Grand at Moon Palace Installs Two ActiveFloor Systems

The Grand at Moon Palace Installs Two Permanent ActiveFloor™ Systems

At the end of March, BrightLogic’s Install Team took a trip down to Cancun, Mexico to install two permanent ActiveFloor Systems at The Grand At Moon Palace. The installations are now set up in the Teen Lounge, a place for teenagers to play and get to know each other, and The Playroom, an area for children under 12 to play and interact with some of the coolest games out there! Below is the visual journey that was taken to create these successful Permanent Installation.

The Playroom, with its steel-like wallpaper and light colored ceiling provide great atmosphere for our ActiveFloor System to bounce light off of. Just look at how much the floor's color effect the mood of the room!


Technicians were protecting the floor as they took care of something else in the Teen Lounge. The floor, acting accordingly, displayed it's vibrant colors and reactions to the plywood placed down as protection!

Although the setup took a few days for both floors, it certainly was fun to be in such a beautiful place to install two substantial ActiveFloor Systems. Take a look at our Showcase for these floors right here!

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