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Imagine Nation


Imagine Nation and BrightLogic worked together to enhance Imagine Nation's Light & Reflection Studio. An ActiveFloor System was a perfect addition to the existing exhibits in the museum. The ActiveFloor provides a fantastic educational and interactive experience for children and adults of all ages.

Imagine Nation is a children's Museum in the heart of Bristol CT. Imagine Nation is committed to the development of inquisitive and imaginative life-long learners. Their unique environment inspires young children and families to investigate tangible, interactive learning experiences.

“Our BrightLogic floor has been an instant hit with our visitors from the first day. Attention grabbing, fun and most of all, reliable. I have been working on interactive exhibits in children’s museums and science centers since 1991 and I have seen many attempts and many types of interactive floors. Generally, they were slow to respond and often became confused when too many visitors were attempting to interact at one time. The BrightLogic floor never skips a beat with 1 to 20 or more visitors. It responds nearly instantly and never leaves visitors wondering what happens next.”

- Richard Rich


System Size

5 x 5 panels
250 x 250 cm
8.2 x 8.2 ft

System Type

Permanent Installation


Bristol, CT