Interactive Panels

ActiveFloor System panels are high contrast, high brightness panels that provide a truly interactive experience. These panels have embedded optical sensors that detect when they have been activated by a foot, hand or really anything that you'd like to place on our ActiveFloor system-approved Panels!


84px x 84px (7,056px) /// 64 Sensors per Panel /// IP54
LOW Profile (3in.) /// High Brightness (2500 Nit)


  • Announcing our new 5.9mm ActiveFloor Panel, our latest addition to the ActiveFloor Product Line!

  • It includes an 84px x 84px (7,056px) matrix of LEDs – making it the highest pixel matrix for an interactive LED panel on the market!

  • Real-time touch data to the Content Server

  • 33 millisecond response time whether you have 1 or 1000 people on the ActiveFloor

  • Includes BrightLogic's New Receiver Card, which provides a level of control never seen before in an Interactive LED Panel