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ActiveFloor™ System FAQ


ActiveFloor FAQ

Take a look through some of our Frequently Asked Questions for the ActiveFloor System. Chances are you'll find the answers you're looking for below!



Are the panels affected by lighting conditions in the room?

The panels can be used in a fully-lit room. The LEDs are quite bright and are easily visible under normal office lighting. The sensors are unaffected by ambient light.

What is the maximum weight a single panel will support?

Each panel is .25 square meters (500mm x 500mm or 1.64' x 1.64'), and is tested to hold 660 lbs or 300 kilograms, which means 2640 lbs or 1200kg per square meter.

Can advertisement be displayed on the ActiveFloor?

Yes, BrightLogic's BLAST Software includes the ability to play a sequence of advertisements and still images. Switching between advertisements and interactive content can easily be automated by our scheduler. If you already have software you use to display advertising, our BLAST Software can be setup to utilize that software instead of the built-in scheduler.

Can I play videos on the ActiveFloor?

Absolutely, the ActiveFloor uses a standard DVI in, which enables any laptop or PC with a DVI connector to play video/content on the floor.

Is the ActiveFloor System multi-touch?

Yes, each individual panel can trigger up to 64 sensors (touches) at a time, therefore if you have a 5 panel x 5 panel floor setup (that's a total of 1,600 potential touches), the ActiveFloor can respond to all of the those touches at the same time! We like to call it a massively-multi-touch system.

How does the sensing work on the ActiveFloor?

Each ActiveFloor panel contains a grid of 64 embedded optical sensors. The sensors are unaffected by ambient light.

Can I record the sensing information that's occurring on the ActiveFloor?

Yes, the ActiveFloor Server has the ability to play back all interactions over a period of time, like a DVR for interactions. This information can also be used to determine HOT areas of the floor, like a heat map. This information is ideal for retail spaces where stores can identify where customers are standing for periods of time or as customers move around the store, plus it's a great way to attract customers to your store or mall.

How do I change the content that's running on the ActiveFloor?

ActiveFloor System content can easily be changed by utilizing the features of the BLAST software (BrightLogic Application Switching Technology). This software enables any device, kiosk, iPhone, computer to change the content by simply sending a web request to the BLAST software. This simplifies the process of writing complex applications, it's as simple as a few lines of HTML and some basic javascript. 

Can I create my own content to run on the ActiveFloor?

Yes, the ActiveFloor System was designed to enable anyone to be able to develop custom content to run on the Floor. We have written some sample applications in Unity3D, OpenFrameworks, Javascript, Objective-C, Swift and Java. The ActiveFloor sensing information is easily accessible via an XML feed.

What are the power requirements of the ActiveFloor?

You can run 20 panels on a 20-Amp circuit at 120V.

Can the ActiveFloor™ be wall mounted?

Yes, the ActiveFloor can be wall mounted to create an interactive wall (with available mounting brackets), and all of the functionality of the ActiveFloor stays the same. This makes for a very fun painting or gaming surface.

When a person touches the floor, can you trigger external digital signage to respond to the touch?

Yes, the ActiveFloor has a feature called BLIS (BrightLogic Interconnect Server). BLIS has the ability for other applications (Digital Signage, Games, Mobile Devices) to connect and respond based on the person touching for the floor.

Can the interactive floor trigger external lighting, such as DMX compatible lights?

Yes, ActiveFloor content can be programmed to trigger specific DMX lighting fixtures, and can control all aspects of DMX lighting controls, such as 4, 6, 8 up to 24 channel lights. All this functionality is included in the Enhanced Lighting Controller (ELC) module.
The ActiveFloor also has an external audio input which can also be programmed to sync to the beat or specific frequencies or frequency ranges in the audio.

What is the maximum weight a single panel can hold?

Typically this is measured by the square meter, therefore 2,604 lbs per square meter (each panel is 500mm x 500mm, or in 19.68" x 19.68")

How many LEDs are there in a single ActiveFloor Panel?

Our 7.8mm panel has 4,096 LEDs per panel and our 5.9mm panel has 7,056 LEDs per panel.

Do high-heels work on the ActiveFloor?

The panels are designed for full adult weight (and more) and work very well with a number of different types of shoes (including high-heeled shoes!). The polycarbonate surface is extremely resilient to wear.

How many people can the ActiveFloor sense at a time?

There is technically no limitation to the number of people that the ActiveFloor can detect at one time. Whether 1 or 500 people are on the ActiveFloor at a time, the content will immediately respond to any areas on the floor that has been triggered by sense data.

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